Knowledge Management through Project Collaboration Technology helps Vendor Selection Process in Infrastructure Industry

Knowledge Management through Project Collaboration Technology helps Vendor Selection Process in Infrastructure Industry

With the blooming era of infrastructure industry and outsourcing, obtaining the pinnacle along with the well-founded vendors is not an elementary job for a business firm. Tracking the right path for selection of worthy vendors is becoming a significant task to meet the growing business requirements.

The success stories of the business projects get framed upon the effectiveness of its vendor selection procedure. The achievement graph of an infrastructure industry is directly proportional to the efficiency and proficiency of the vendors they opt for. Identifying the appropriate stack of vendors from market that can boost the business in every aspect, needs a powerful and efficient project collaboration platform.

A fully fledged Project Collaboration Technology enables to regulate the documents smoothly among the concerned parties. It greatly helps the vendor selection team to recognize the descends and catches of all the proposals. With all facilities on one platform mechanism, the vendor selection process becomes totally a painless and gainful task that can be achieved through a project collaboration technology only.

Role of the Project Collaboration Technology to face the barriers in Vendor Selection Process

To unleash and unfold the precise vendors, the Project Collaboration Technology mounts the enormous steps of success. It completely changes the mission and vision of Vendor Selection Process with its colossal benefit bucket.

The virtual communication platform enables straightforward interaction eliminating the need of in person meetings.

The primary feature of the Project Collaboration Technology introduces the provision of virtual meeting rooms where the vendors and the management team can easily interact with each other.

 The ‘one after another’ form of interaction is superlatively replaced by the ‘one to another’ aspect because of well deployed interactive functionalities.

One can navigate easily to a collaboration room, regulate the necessities and log off. It also has an inbuilt Calendar module that enables the business management to conduct an event and invite the relative contacts to have a detailed conversation with shortlisted or finalized vendors. This is how the Project Collaboration Technology ends the trouble of conducting personal meetings with vendors.

With having the modularized document management structure, evaluating the vendors’ proposals becomes an uncomplicated job.

It asks for a lot of analysing techniques to evaluate the responses sent by the vendors against the RFI, RFP and RFQ sent by the vendor selection team. The tough part is scanning the responses to shortlist the top node vendors that closely match the business requirements.

The Project Collaboration Technology provides an efficient document regulating platform that is organized in a modular way. Following points enlighten the advantages of document administration module.

  • The folder structure helps the management team to group and fold the admissible proposals.
  • The technology is furnished with the primarily required document operations like downloading, sharing, printing, comparing and searching the documents rapidly.
  • The advanced features like attaching a task or workflow with a document, simplifies the mechanism.
  • Enabling the alert subscription on required document helps the vendor selection team stay updated and aware with all the document occurring.
  • The document versioning facility enhances the maintenance of document history that contains the first document and its revised versions. The final version of document can be determined without losing the past versions thus saving the efforts of multiple uploads and downloads.
  • With abilities of making a document favourite and final, the selectors can appropriately move towards the final phases of Vendor Selection Process.

Chetan Bajpai, Director at Capital Novus has headed the major infrastructure projects globally. Having the experience of vendor selection operations as a part of his job he says, “I have experienced the minor and major stumbling blocks while carrying the vendor selection process without association of a logical backend. The Project Collaboration Technology satisfactorily answers the process bars.” He further adds about the document management interface, “The document management system introduces innovative facets that run a labour-saving and cost-effective procedure.”

The Project Collaboration Technology happens to be an absolutely integrated system with its permission and security based characteristics.

The technology is safeguarded with permission integrations and secure socket layers. It is built with advanced encryption standards like AES_256 to encrypt the documents while static or in transit. The access permission to document rooms is authentication based that ensures for data certainty. The permission features make it possible to keep the specific documents accessible by concerned vendor selectors only.

Thus, the Project Collaboration Platform robustly maintains the document operations.

The provision of Email and Question-Answer portals eases the communication and query solution.

To reduce the efforts in switching the browsers for email checking and dealing, the Project Collaboration Technology itself provides with the email portal where the parties can send required emails as well as share documents also.

Moreover, the decision making process invokes important and frequent array of questions to determine the potency of a vendor’s deal. The Question-Answer module of the Project Collaboration Technology renders a constructive surface where one can post the question and get concerned answers.

These facilities decrease the amount of inputs and amplifies the accuracy of selection.

With facility of defining Custom Metadata, the Project Collaboration Technology helps to derive precise document properties.

Apart from inbuilt document metadata, the document manager can define any custom metadata that refers to a significant information about the document. The custom metadata module exhibits the extraordinariness of the Project Collaboration Technology that minimizes the challenges faced to retrieve the important document values. 

Incorporation of online editing tools reduces the usage of multiple software resources.

A promoted benefit of the Project Collaboration Technology is that it cuts down the time input to a great extent.

Any of the Vendor team and Vendor selection team might need creating a new document or editing an existing document as per requirements. This should not make them going offline and waste an important span of time.

To avoid this, Project Collaboration Technology is integrated with Microsoft Office Tools that enables to create a new document or edit a specific document at any moment on browser.

The Mobile version and Offline Access ability of Project  Collaboration Technology provide On the Go access to the application.

The mobile version of Project Collaboration Technology possesses a user friendly and comprehensible outlook. The user can anytime access the application and operate the modules. It also offers the offline document interaction that are saved in system. These are the plus attributes that justify the adoption of this technology for vendor selection process.


Summing up all the requirements of Vendor Selection Process says that leveraging the Project Collaboration Technology thoroughly magnifies the chances of connecting the esteemed and potent vendors with a business.

Having the replacement of all the hard works by smart works, the Project Collaboration Technology is a smarter bundle of attributed back end, zeroing the hurdles and maximizing the efficiency of Vender Selection Process. Every additional feature makes the vendor selectors skip the time consuming procedures and enhance the success spheres.

The project collaboration technology is a colossal compact of all the required and more than required functionalities that successfully and fruitfully administrates the phases of Vendor Selection Process. All of these prove that the coherent vendors do not peep easily but, they can be easily found with the methodical Project Collaboration Technology.

Being a pioneering solutionist, Capital Novus introduces its worthwhile product Cryptacomm that provides a dynamic Project Collaboration platform.


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