India’s major ports register growth of 4.83% from April-November 2018

India’s major ports register growth of 4.83% from April-November 2018

From April-November 2018, nine major ports of the country - Kolkata (including Haldia), Paradip, Visakhapatnam, Kamarajar, Chennai, Cochin, New Mangalore, JNPT and Deendayal - have registered positive growth in traffic. During the period April to November, 2018, the Country’s major ports have handled 461.21 million tonnes of cargo, recording a growth of 4.83% as against 439.96 million tonnes handled during the corresponding period of previous year.

Kamarajar Port registered the highest growth of 20.15% followed by Cochin (11.73%), Paradip (9.73%), Kolkata (including Haldia) (8.52%) and Deendayal ( 7.37%). Kamarajar Port growth of 20.15% was mainly due to increase in traffic of container (19.8%), other liquids (16.42%), thermal & steam coal (10.71%) and POL (9.24%).

The highest volume of traffic during the period April to November 2018 was registered by Deendayal Port 77.33 million tonnes (16.77% share), followed by Paradip with 71.30 million tonnes (15.46% share), JNPT with 46.40 million tonnes (10.06% share), Visakhapatnam with 43.03 million tonnes (9.33% share) and Mumbai with 40.32 million tonnes (8.74%). Together, these ports handled around 60.36% of Major Port Traffic.

The commodity-wise percentage share of POL was maximum at 33.40%, followed by container (20.71%), thermal & steam coal (15.09%), other miscellaneous cargo (10.64%), coking & other coal (8.13%), iron ore & pellets (5.65%), other liquid (4.25%), finished fertilizer (1.18%) and fertilizer raw materials (FRM) (0.95%).


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