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India opening up its mining sector to private players is a golden opportunity

India opening up its mining sector to private players is a golden opportunity

We constantly modify our products according to the trending technology, says Ajay Aneja, Brand Leader, CASE India

Could you briefly give us a summary of your business performance so far in this fiscal? How favorable has been the year till now for your operations?
This year we saw 11% growth in the loader backhoe segment, 16% in Compactor’s segment and 20% growth in motor graders segment. We expect significant growth and are positive in terms of increase in volume for the next year. Ready with our construction equipment products and considering the set of conditions prevailing in the country and other foreseeable factors at this moment, we expect the market will follow an upward trend in the coming years as well. Construction Equipment industry has witnessed a strong growth because lot of projects are being undertaken. Prestigious projects like Sagarmala, Bharatamala, National Highway Projects and Rural road flagship schemes have called for equipment in construction industry.

Tell us about the recent trend waving in the mining equipment industry? Do you notice any changes or product specific preferences among your customer base?
Mining industry is a very crucial industry and contributes as a major backbone to the economy of our country hence imperative innovation are necessary for sustainable growth in mining operations. Rapid adoption of automation technology has resulted in increased usage of smart mining solutions.(R&D) activities to improve machine operations and engine efficiency add to the recent trends in the mining equipment industry. Also, increasing trend of transitioning todigital mining is providing an impetus to industry growth. Mining sites are adopting automated vehicles, drones, and wearable technologies, most of which use Internet of Things (IoT) sensors to capture data in real time.  CASE strongly believes in designing everything around customers- be it bringing innovation to our product range based on customer feedback, after-sale services or on-ground support. Gathering customer’s insights on defining and improving the products are at the core of CASE’s business. We constantly modify our products according to the trending technology to keep up with the market trends, for operators’ comfort and providing value to our customers. We are in regular touch with our customers for any specific preferences and update the same in the machinery for efficient output.

Briefly give us an idea about your manufacturing units in India – in terms of capacity, location and performance?
CASE’s manufacturing facility at Pithampur is testimony to our commitment to ‘Make in India’ which is also certified Bronze Level in the World Class Manufacturing (WCM) program. The Pithampur facility serves India’s road and infrastructure sector and exports its products to some 30 markets. As a result of this local manufacturing expertise, the CASE brand has been India’s market leader in vibratory compactors and a leading player in loader backhoes for over 25 years. This manufacturing facility embarked on its journey to WCM in 2013 and has since exhibited remarkable growth trajectory in its WCM competitiveness. The quality of the products manufactured in Pithampur, which recently marked the production of its 11,000th compactor, have earned CASE a number of prestigious awards in India. The Pithampur site occupies over 40 acres, 29,000 square meters of which is covered area. The plant holds both ISO 9001:2000 quality and ISO 14000 environmental standards certifications.

Have there been any new tech-upgrades to empower your equipment basket? If yes, then please detail – in regards to the purpose, objective and target audience?
CASE constantly endeavours to deliver outstanding solutions and updates in its technology oriented equipment.  To make the products technologically efficient and stand out in the market, the company has introduced Eagle Eye Telematics System, a real time vehicle tracking and communication based on GPS technology which can help keep a track of your machine for example if the fuel box is going down or the machine is working far away from its prescribed geographic area. It automatically sends a message regarding the same to the concerned person.

Has there been any new product additions on this front – if yes, then please detail?
CASE endeavors to bring innovations and advances in the equipment category to be a differentiator. While CASE has launched its 752 EX Vibratory Tandem Compactor and the PRO Series “Loader Backhoe and Only Loader” in EXCON 2017, we are always in process of updating our machines. CASE will be showcasing its entire gamut of products being currently offered in India. CASE is also planning some launches in upcoming Bauma Conexpo 2018 but same are under wraps as of now, we whole heartedly invite you to visit our stall at 0.E01 at Bauma Conexpo 2018 and meet our team for more clarification on upcoming launches. Will keep you posted as and when there would be any development.

How do you see the scope of opportunities from the mining industry in India today? Where do you see the industry heading towards in the near future and what would be your key strategies in this path?
The mining industry provides an important support to the economy and is of strategic importance to country. The mining sector in India has reached a high level of development but it still has a lot of unrealized potential. With a view to encourage initiative and make the mining more competitive, the Government of India has opened up the sector to private players which is a golden opportunity for CASE to showcase its specially designed Mining industry equipment namely:Motor grader 865B and Crawler dozer 2050M. CASE India’s 865B Motor Grader fitted with electronic FPT engine is ideal for mining applications. It comes with unique ‘Multiradiusmoldboard design’ that provides mixing effect which does not only push the material on ground but also rolls it. CASE Grader are also equipped with hydraulic pitch control feature which helps operator to control moldboard pitch adjustment from cabin itself hence high productivity as well as operator comfort. Advanced engine and hydraulics increase the machine’s durability. The Graders are offered with an Automatic ZF Transmission. The machines have a multi curvature moldboard which reduces the resistance coming on the Engine and hence reduces the fuel consumption. CASE Graders also have closed HVAC (Air conditioning and heating) ROPS/FOPS cabin for better operator comfort and safety which is essential in tough application like mining. On the other hand CASE 2050M features automatic blade functions, further increasing the operator’s efficiency. Easy service and maintenance is achieved through easy access ground level service check points. The 2050M features CASE Lubricated Track, which is sealed and lubricated with an oil reservoir in each pin, providing outstanding durability.  Both Dozer and Grader equipment are installed with a unique trip meter on the operator dashboard that continuously monitors the fuel consumption, hours operated and operating temperatures. Electronic indicators are also connected to the dashboard for safety related or operation related parameters. Developments are taking place rapidly and many companies in this sector are expanding their operations and are working on new projects. With the increasing efforts in R&D and technological innovations crucial for the growth of mining industry there is a huge requirement of Human resource. It can be said that mining and minerals sector has a bright future, be it in terms of employment or technology.

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