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Going electric is the future of CE industry - Dimitrov Krishnan, vice president and head of Volvo CE India

Going electric is the future of CE industry - Dimitrov Krishnan, vice president and head of Volvo CE India

Keeping up with marketing trends and strategies which are the models in compactors, road rollers, tandem rollers, graders you have launched in the last two years? 
Volvo CE’s double drum compactors feature independent dual-frequency and multi-amplitude functionality which makes them more versatile. Furthermore, the rotating console plus the in-built automatic reversing of eccentrics means productivity is increased and the completion time is shortened. In addition, the powerful KOEL 105 HP engine delivers stronger performance and the robust design of the machine means it will work harder for longer time and giving owners a better return on their investment. The DD100 B features a rolling width of 1676 mm, vibration frequency of 42/31 hz and operating weight with heavy duty sun shade of 10,025 kg.
Which are the models you are planning to launch in the next two years?
We are constantly pushing the boundary when it comes to equipment fuel efficiency, performance and maintenance. Take for example our work exploring electric construction equipment. We are at the forefront of technological development and, each year, our parent company, the Volvo Group, invests billions of dollars in research and development to drive new innovations. Volvo’s pursuit of electrically-driven vehicles could be a game changer. Recently, our company unveiled the world’s first fully-electric compact excavator, the EX2, which is equipped with electric drive systems and electro-mechanical linear actuators. While it is too early to say if there will eventually be a shift towards electric engines in the market, Volvo CE believes that going electric is the future of our industry. The EX2 prototype shows our determination to provide zero-emissions machines in the future which will have the same power and force as conventional equipment.  
Keeping up with all the stakeholders suggestion what are the new additions to Telematics, IoTs in the last six months?
A recent addition is our Volvo Intelligent Compaction (IC) for select Volvo asphalt compactors that’s available in two packages - Volvo IC and Volvo IC with Density Direct. In addition to offering the pass mapping, temperature mapping and data storage features of the Volvo IC system, Volvo IC with Density Direct includes the industry’s first real-time density mapping technology. Density mapping has been described as the ‘holy grail’ of intelligent compaction. For years, contractors have relied on IC systems with stiffness calculations instead of density, which is not the true metric by which contractors are evaluated and paid. With Density Direct, operators have real-time access to the metric that ultimately determines the success of their work, density. Within the Density Direct system is a calibration screen, where the user sets the target density for the project. Once fully calibrated with data specific to the application, the Volvo Intelligent Compaction with Density Direct system produces a density calculation that is accurate to within 1.5 percent of core sampling, providing a real-time reading of density values over 100 percent of the mat.
With this real-time data, the operator is given the chance to make any necessary adjustments while asphalt is being paved. This not only reduces the occurrence of inadequate densities that drive up project costs, but reduces time spent taking core samples, improves quality, and leads to much greater uniformity than nuclear gauge testing. Calibrations are also “saved” by the compactor, so operators can assign calibrations to certain elements of a job, and quickly switch back and forth between calibrations to meet the demands of specific job elements.
The user interface of Volvo IC with Density Direct depicts a density map, showing each square foot of rolled asphalt in a color representing density, and also provides a real-time numerical density reading displayed in the corner of the screen. Both Volvo IC and Volvo IC with Density Direct offer real-time temperature and pass mapping data. Using the 8”x10” color monitor of the Volvo IC system, the pass mapping function captures each compactor pass and drum overlap with an individual color, so that the operator can easily see gaps and work to maintain uniform coverage. Temperature mapping provides the operator with a temperature ‘map’ that shows the path of the compactor overlaid with the last recorded surface temperature. Volvo’s Co-Pilot, for example, offers a range of intelligent machine services – including Dig Assist and Pave Assist – to help operators deliver higher quality outcomes, in less time and with less effort. These examples of automated and assist-functionalities differentiate Volvo’s machines in the market.
In addition, our CareTrack telematics system allows owners to get real-time data on a variety of performance-related features for their fleet. The system generates a wide range of reports, delivering data on aspects such as fuel consumption, operational hours, geographical location and more. The reports are available via a web portal or can be received via SMS or email alerts. The system can also be used to manage machine servicing and the replacement of parts. This allows fleet managers to reduce fuel costs, optimize machine and operator performance, as well as proactively manage service and maintenance.
Please take us through your dealer’s network and the various education and retention schemes you conduct for them?
We are constantly strengthening our dealer network in India. We provide continuous training for our dealers, operators and technicians that work at the dealerships. We offer events such as the Masters competition, a demanding skills competition that tests technicians on their knowledge of construction equipment. In addition, we host events like Boots-On training that updates dealers on segment knowledge, machine models and product differentiators. Volvo CE remains the only major manufacturer present in all equipment sectors - mining, road building or general construction. We have one of the largest and most experienced dealer networks in India, able to provide expert advice and support whenever it’s needed, and there are a range of Customer Service Agreements available. Without our dealers, Volvo CE would not be where we are today, which is why we also host an annual award dinner to honor and recognize their dedication.
What are the skill developments activities you conduct for all the stakeholders to deliver better roads and highways?
The Resource Centre for Asphalt and Soil Training Academy (Rasta) is an initiative of the Volvo Group India to bridge the knowledge gap between academic learning and the industry needs, with more focus on hands-on experience. Established in 2002, the RASTA is a center for road technology that is an independent, impartial expert on the road building process that is managed by an independent trust of Volvo India. When we celebrated our 20th anniversary in India, we launched a 100-meter demo road to demonstrate what road construction is all about and how Volvo machines are contributing in the process.
What are the rental and financial schemes you offer?
We have made it much easier for buyers to invest in a Volvo which has opened up the market to a wider audience. For smaller contractors, or those buying from us for the first time we offer a range of attractive financing options through our Volvo Financial Services arm. For example, Volvo Financial Services offer an interest rate of 2.2% for 24-month financing on select pre-owned Volvo Remarketing machines. Extended warranties and attractive lease options are also available. This allows the buyer to introduce to his fleet a high quality and hardworking piece of equipment that is comparable to a new machine but at a much more accessible price.
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