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Gandhi Automations is an effective service provider - Samir Gandhi, MD & CEO Gandhi Automations

Gandhi Automations is an effective service provider - Samir Gandhi, MD & CEO Gandhi Automations

Which are the MHE products you have launched for the Warehousing sector in the last three years? What are the features of these products? 
We have introduced High Speed Doors- Prime Reset. Prime Reset is a unique high speed self-repairing door with the latest technology that prevents downtime of the door system. In case the curtain is impacted accidentally, it will cause the curtain to move out of the guides without damage.These doors in PVC is the most suitable solution in the field industries, it lowers the time of transition from one facility to another, avoiding any human error which can cause damage to the high-speed door, and all this thanks to the innovative anti crash system.Our Rapid Roll up Doors (Prime Internal Door) are fast, durable, energy saver and are engineered for all kind of industrial application. These doors are used where a section of the facilities has to be isolated from other sections. This simple curtain design aids in quick opening and closure of Rapid Doors and ensure effective protection from heat, dust, humidity and temperature.Our Sectional Door is robust, well-insulated and space-saving doors with security and offer astonishing benefits. Sectional Overhead Door side runners transfer vertically along the wall and parallel to the ceiling, guaranteeing best use of the available inner space. Its heat insulation and soundproofing confirmed by insulated panels, can maintain internal environment conditions and energy consumption.Our dock leveler aids in fast loading and unloading of goods at warehouse. Dock leveler acts as bridge between loading bay area and truck, height difference between truck and bay area is bridged and material movement can be carried out smoothly between warehouse and truck. We manufacture dock levelers conforming to EN 1398 standards and our product is CE marked.
Our Isotherm rolling shutters are designed to reduce operational costs by improving the energy efficiency for a variety of industrial, manufacturing, warehouse, loading bays and commercial uses. The thick door panels provide a higher insulation than the industry-standard. The high thermal properties of the doors efficiently separate climates; their precise sealing helps to eliminate drafts.They maintain the cleanliness and safety by containing debris, dust and odors, and controlling pests.Can be fabricated with Isotherm vista profiles mode of plexi glass double glazing window for visibility.
After sales and maintenance services play an important role in customer satisfaction and customer retention. What are the after sales and maintenance services you offer to your warehousing customers?
Gandhi Automations is an effective service provider being able to tailor services so as to minimize the impact of market dynamics on a client’s supply value chain. We also are able to proactively ensure compliance at all junctions of business operations. Emerging technology and the proliferation of digital technologies have opened up avenues for new business models and service delivery frameworks. We leverage such technologies in providing value added services to the clients. We have a highly dedicated team of R & D engineers working round the clock constantly improving product characteristics and utility. How to make our products safe is our prime concern. The focus is mainly on safety and energy efficiency.
We strongly feel the need that clients must adopt preventive maintenance programs offered by Gandhi Automations to avoid disruptions, extra expense and lost profits. The Preventive Maintenance programs ensure that the equipment achieves the performance levels that it has been designed for and assures the safety and availability of the equipment.
What are the skill development programmes you conduct for all the stakeholders?
Our company is certified to ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System by TUV Nord. This has resulted in the implementation of continuous improvement in personnel training. At the manufacturing facility we have Quality Assurance personnel to ensure that we maintain high quality standards in the manufacturing processes. All our installations are carried out by our team who are technically qualified – no third party is involved in the process of installation. Our installation team undergoes periodic training conducted both in-house as well as from overseas OEMs. Gandhi Automations specializes in designing, manufacturing and installing customised products conforming to the highest safety standards complemented with reliability and energy efficiency. All our products are designed and manufactured with European collaboration using innovative and creative engineering technology. The product development team uses the latest software combined with technologically advanced machinery to offer our customers an excellent engineered product. To ensure superior safety, quality and operational efficiency the company has a state-of-the-art manufacturing and warehouse facility of 300,000 sq. ft.
The introduction of the Goods and Services Tax (GST) has accelerated the demand for Warehousing MHE. Your comments!
The infrastructure for warehousing and logistics is very poor. However, with the advent of GST and implementation of GST regime; things are looking very upbeat. Companies have started investing hugely in warehouse space & logistics. This has very promising views on upcoming technology and advancements in this sector.The material handling industry is responding with new equipment, technology, and systems that enable complete supply chain visibility, thus allowing customers to see how their investments are impacting their overall operation.
What are the emerging trends in material handling equipment? 
The emerging trends which are becoming very popular are remote operated high-speed doors and rolling shutters, the challenges here are sustainability and access. The opportunities to the Indian Industry with automation is to maintain an efficient production cycle, safe inventory, Cutting-edge technology, speed of movement, functionality and safety- are the must-haves for this line of Gandhi automations products. If we add the high quality of personalization and design, they become unique elements necessary for daily logistics operations and for the visibility of customer identity.Our products are in conformance with highest standards, and can be installed either on new fixed /retractable warehouses, or integrated into already existing ones.
The Warehousing sector is expanding at a rapid pace. Keeping up with the burgeoning demand, what are the products you are planning to launch for the Warehousing sector and what will be the features of the products compare to the previous models? The demand for material handling automation and equipment has increased exponentially over the past few years. It is because of the increasing production capacity, reducing man hours and meeting deadlines. Now with more and more companies streamlining their processes the use of material handling equipment’s for any industry is a must. The demand for such automation is the need for the hour; to deliver faster, hassle free loading/ unloading and reducing supply chain operating costs.
In future I feel technology advancement combined with material handling equipment’s will change how logistics and supply chain management companies function. Looking at the current situation at hand, the future of material handling sector looks very promising as it is not just helping companies perform better but also save money whilst increasing their production capacity. Thus, we at Gandhi Automations are always innovating and learning new technological advancements to help improve processes for all kinds of industries.
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