Gandhi Automations is aiming CAGR 15% - SAMIR GANDHI, Managing Director, Gandhi Automations Pvt Ltd

Gandhi Automations is aiming CAGR 15% - SAMIR GANDHI, Managing Director, Gandhi Automations Pvt Ltd

We expect a potential growth in manufacturing sector, says SAMIR GANDHI, Managing Director, Gandhi Automations Pvt Ltd

Gandhi Automations has been serving the industry for 21 years and holds 70% market share, what are the technological changes Entrance Automation Systems and Loading Bay Equipment have undergone over the years?
Evolution is a continuous process, we have constantly challenged ourselves and pushed us to innovate, upgrade and simplify the way our customers look at Entrances and Loading Bays. 21 years back, automation into Entrances and Loading Bays was a very new concept in India. Only a few select multi-nationals were either using or planning to introduce such system in their plants and offices. We are considered as pioneers in introduction of the best Entrance Automation and Loading Bay Equipment across India.

How has been the ‘over two decade’ journey of Gandhi Automations?
Gandhi Automations Pvt Ltd is India’s No.1 Entrance Automation and Loading Bay Equipment Company. This widely recognized position has been achieved over decades of hard work, innovation, commitment to quality and reliable customer service. Today our products are marketed by us and our distributors to about 15 countries spanning Far East, Asia, Middle East, Europe, Africa, and America.

What is your marketing strategy to maintain your Top Position?
Top rank position is achieved not just with revenue by selling products and solutions but the key lies with products that are reliable and sustainable backed with quick customer service and availability of spares. We have Sales & Services team present in 23 locations across India and dealer network abroad for quick resolution and excellent support to our customers and prospects.

Which is your largest selling products and what are the reasons for it?
High Speed Industrial Doors, Rolling Shutters, Sectional Over Head Doors, Fire Rated Rolling Shutters, Dock Levelers and Dock Shelters are the trending products in past few years. Guidelines on Safety as well as focus on productivity have surged the demand for these products. Our products are fail safe and have in-built safety controls that activates in case of emergency or recognizing any obstacle during its regular operation. We also offer optional additional safety accessories as needed.

What will be impact of GST on your business?
GST is most trending topic of discussion at levels, a common man is now concerned about the impact on his P&L as well. Currently, there are mixed reactions about GST. I believe the new taxation will take its time to get it accepted at all levels. We are expecting a positive impact of GST because there have been many other initiatives launched and well promoted that would have direct positive impact on Industries. For eg, Make in India, Ease of Doing Business Initiatives, Dedicated Freight Corridors, Multi-modal Logistics Parks, Skill Development Initiative and many more. Collaboratively all such initiatives gradually compliment growth into Industrial Sectors. This would increase the potential in our line of business.

Can you please share with us your R&D activities?
We anticipate the market and our R&D team develop products ahead of time. A product is developed and tested rigorously before a launch even for challenging environments. We offer solutions that operate and sustain in corrosive, hygienic, hazardous, freezing, hot, etc. environment. We assign funds for research & development each year. This helps us with testing our products with latest globally available technology, as well as, develop indigenous products to cut down costs maintaining global standards.

There is a shortage of skilled manpower in the Industry. What are the steps Gandhi Automations has taken to increase skilled manpower?
Skilled manpower is always a challenge. In this competitive world, every organization nvests heavily into Training & Development. Skill Development Initiative by Indian government will boost the basic skill level of the resources. This will aid in talent pool as well as help in quick training & development of resources. We are a quality organization, our sales & service employees are trained at factory before venturing into the market.

What are the after sales services you offer to your customers?
The company has more than 100,000 installations, is certified to ISO 9001:2008 quality management system by TUV Nord and all products manufactured are CE marked. We guarantee 10 years original spares availability. Our Customer Care team in India is available 24x7 Toll Free along with support from 23 Sales & Service locations whereas our dealer network provide service to our abroad customers.

What are your growth plans for the next three years?
I expect India to rank within Top 5 Global Manufacturing Nations by 2020. Gandhi Automations is aiming CAGR 15% being the Market Leader in India. We expect a potential growth in manufacturing sector with several Central government initiatives. Inclination towards Safety and Intelligent Systems at par with International Manufacturing standards helped our cause to deliver customized products complying with European Standards (EN). We are relatively new at International Market, but the response till date is encouraging.


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