Gandhi Automation’s Roller Shutter guarantees safe functionality

Ultra-Model High Speed Roller Shutter: Dual function, speed and security

The quick action roller shutter Ultra model combines the advantages of an aluminium roller shutter with those of a PVC roller door. A fully functioning external shutter with resistance to weather and wind forces, security and good heat insulation, it opens at a speed normally only achieved by PVC roller doors - 2 meters per second

The door is made from extruded aluminium slats with 20 mm double walled insulation, with noise deadening rubber profile between the slats. This model features a direct drive shaft mounted high speed motor. Side tension springs integrated into the frame support the drive motor and ensure the weight of the shutter is balanced and operational noises are considerably reduced.

If you need secure, easy, reliable access to your business premises, Roller Shutters are an ideal choice. Custom built to fit your building and business requirements they offer an excellent investment in the smooth operation of your business.

Gandhi Automation’s Roller Shutters are robust, versatile and adaptable, easy to operate and require the minimum of maintenance. Our roller shutters and roller doors are designed to occupy minimum amount of space while giving maximum use of opening.

Whether you require roller shutters for security, insulation or ease of use, Wessex Industrial Doors and shutters are ideal for retail, industrial or domestic use. Wessex Industrial Doors have the products, experience and craftsmanship to deliver the solution you need

Safe doors

All automatic doors comply with the European standard BS EN 13241-1. Gandhi Automation develops and manufactures new products strictly in compliance with these standards – and guarantees safe functionality, not just in daily use but also during installation and maintenance.

Key Features

• High speed operation decreases the energy costs for heating and/or cooling of a building
• Improved climatic working conditions
• Large, side-mounted, maintenance-free tension springs in the shutter frame
• Side servicing hatch (all moveable components easily accessible)
• Soft start and stop - door run smoothly and quickly due to frequency control
• Minimum energy and heat loss thanks to fast opening and closing
• Available in almost all RAL colours
• Viewing holes or ventilation shutters can be built-in

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