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ElectroMech to provide customised solutions for Ports and Shipping sector - Tushar Mehendale, Managing Director, ElectroMech Material Handling Systems India

ElectroMech to provide customised solutions for Ports and Shipping sector - Tushar Mehendale, Managing Director, ElectroMech Material Handling Systems India

The Ports and Shipping Sector has performed exceptionally in the last few years. How has your organization performed in the last three years, especially the Ports and Shipping Vertical?
India has been going through an exciting phase of industrial development in recent years. When we lay our focus specifically on the Ports and Shipping Vertical, now is an interesting time for companies to integrate technological elements in their products or services, marking a shift from OEM’s to technology providers. ElectroMech has always been an active participant for employing innovative technologies through diverting towards digital transformation. We have facilitated material handling solutions to nearly all major port expansions – be it for modernization of existing shipyards, specialized applications in docks, or complete supply of material handling equipment in upcoming ports. Being right at the forefront, we provide expert material handling solutions that cater to maintenance services and upgradation of material handling requirements for this sector through our after-sales subsidiary ‘Cranedge’. 
Which are the MHE products you have launched for the Ports and Shipping Sector in the last three years? What are the features of these products? How are you integrating sustainability with the products?
The Ports and Shipping Sector drives a demand for material handling equipment with heavy lifting or bulk handling abilities that are capable of withstanding high load capacities apart from confronting several manufacturing challenges. ElectroMech’s wide array of crane solutions encompass diverse applications in this sector like repair and maintenance of navy vessels, mine counter, handling of heavy loads in submarine manufacturing units to name a few. We strictly adhere to the most technologically advanced safety norms rendering explosion-protected cranes for all hazardous applications. Our Gantry/Goliath Cranes are equipped with specialized handling tools to operate in traverse length as well as with tandem condition to function in the loading and the unloading of containers from ships.
Please take us through the IoT, Telematics, Wireless Communication, Artificial Intelligence features of the products? How are these technologies helping the Ports and Shipping Sector in efficient and fast transfer of materials?
ElectroMech facilitates EMote, that is, remote monitoring of your cranes from different locations as a part of its material handling solutions. We also offer Integrated Store Management Solutions for certain warehousing applications to smoothen the flow of materials. Our forklifts and lift trucks feature inbuilt telemetry software that has wireless monitoring, to indicate key performance parameters like utilisation, impacts, fault codes, maintenance or breakdown schedules and so on. All these technological advancements thus optimise operator efficiency and enhance the productivity levels.
What are the safety features of the products?
At ElectroMech, safety is given utmost importance while conducting all manufacturing operations. We stringently follow appropriate safety measures to ensure a sound and secure workplace. Our cranes incorporate all requisite safety features such as crane anchoring system, emergency stop, human sensors, load limit switch, mechanical stoppers, safety sensors, etc. We also impart specialized solutions for the manufacturing of minesweeper warships, and supply ATEX certified explosion-protected cranes to European countries that can function in hazardous environments. 
Which are the major projects (Ports and Shipping) where your products are deployed and what role are they playing at the project site?
Presently, ElectroMech is engaged in executing India’s most prestigious project which is also one of the largest shipyard projects. In the past, we have successfully completed projects of submarine manufacturing units with the assistance of our Double Girder and Goliath Cranes which are still in running condition. Our material handling solutions have been deployed to various dockyards for handling heavy loads, while overcoming all space constraints, and for the maintenance and repair work of existing navy vessels. Additionally, ElectroMech Yale has catered to a private port with its Battery Operated Pallet Truck for handling palletised loads in warehousing applications.
It requires special skills to operate MHE, what are the skill development programmes you conduct?
ElectroMech’s service subsidiary ‘Cranedge’ works on the principle that safe operations are a prerequisite to fully utilise the potential of a material handling equipment and to enhance its productivity. Thus, we extend Crane Operator Training Programs to our manpower as well as to the clientele end. This addresses the basics of crane components, educates them to perform periodic visual checks to identify areas that need attention, and explains the critical importance of safe and efficient crane operations. Our course incorporates hands-on training, thereby certifying operators to be part of a responsible workforce. Cranedge also assists in performance planning and the development of key performance indicators for their cranes.
How do you see the opportunities evolving today in Ports and Shipping Sector and what would be your strategies to tap in these potentials?
In this digital era, ElectroMech primarily focuses on automating technological innovations and advancements through launching new products and services. We intend to provide customised solutions by launching our semi or fully automated Stacker Crane in the Ports and Shipping Vertical to serve efficient store management and warehousing applications. They are equipped with self-supporting racking systems to enhance the usage of vertical heights for speedy storage and retrieval of palletized loads or materials while simultaneously saving a lot of floor space. Our offerings also include EMote, that is, the use of industrial WiFi for twin cranes, operating in tandem, to lift heavy or bulky materials, remote monitoring of cranes, and use of telemetry for the fleet of forklifts.
What are the maintenance and after sales services you offer to your clients for the Ports and Shipping Sector?
ElectroMech, through its service subsidiary ‘Cranedge’, is actively involved in the annual maintenance services of all crane makes supplied to the Ports and Shipping Vertical. Our engineers are proficient in performing crane health assessments under all manner of rigorous conditions. We also support our customers with modernisation activities that involve repairs and refurbishments, alongside the relocation of existing cranes. Cranedge enhances the overall life of your cranes through ROMON (Rope Condition Monitoring) and RAMON (Rail Monitoring) checks that test the strength, flexibility and abrasion resistance of your material handling equipment.  
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