EICHER LIVE: Intelligence that drives business

EICHER LIVE: Intelligence that drives business

From automated equipment to big data analytics, the mining industry is turning to the Internet of Things to wring out inefficiencies and reduce costs in a challenging commodity price environment. One of the most mature and rapidly growing application domains for the Internet-of-Things (IoT) is in heavy equipment used in areas like construction, mining, agriculture, and logging. Mining equipment provides a great example of Scope into the IoT. Because IoT makes sense of large amounts of data captured from machines, it uncovers valuable insight into the health and performance of equipment and infrastructure.

Operational efficiency in mining
The Internet of Things will allow companies to improve efficiency and service by enabling mining trucks embedded with electronics, software and sensors to exchange data with manufacturers, users and connected devices. By improving truck availability or reducing downtime, and improving the diagnostics and troubleshooting capabilities of the mine operations and maintenance teams, companies can greatly enhance the efficiency of mine operations. Operational costs are majorly affected with Increasing fuel price, high staff cost, intensifying completion-the challenges facing mining transport. EICHER LIVE helps realize savings potential, optimize processes and considerably reduce your operating costs.

Mining safety revolutionized
Mining is an inherently dangerous profession and safety concerns are at an all-time high. In the future, however, all that will change. Along with incorporating location/proximity sensors and warning technology in mining equipment, companies will use the Internet of Things to integrate vehicle tracking, communications, and analytics, and real-time personal health management. Simply put, the Internet of Things will enable companies to continuously improve its safety by analyzing hazards, incidents, near misses and safety observations. By connecting machines, data and people together, companies can not only perform better, faster and more reliable but safety risks are a thing of the past.

Real time mining data and information
The Internet of Things is expected to be a catalyst to intelligent decision making in the mining sector and will overall improve how traditional processes and activities are done. The loT has the ability to streamline the flow of information, enable real-time decisions and open new opportunities in mining by simply connecting people, machines, items, and services.

EICHER LIVE is an advanced fleet management system that allows the management of truck fleets by monitoring their movement, fuel consumptions and maintenance needs. It offers granular views at the level of driver, a vehicle and a time span.
It’s a real time dashboard of your fleet, tracking the most important factors; whether fuel and time is being properly spent and which trucks may be developing faults, thus allowing you to plan maintenance. With EICHER LIVE, you will get a better understanding of your business’s critical areas than before. EICHER LIVE’s dynamic intelligence helps you maximize productivity and profitability, putting you in control of your business.

Manage Fuel
EICHER LIVE uses advanced technology that syncs directly with the engine management system, thus ‘reading’ the trucks operations every instant. This minute monitoring empowers you to track fuel usage more efficiently. You can easily monitor ‘sweet spot hours’- the time for which the truck was driven in the fuel economy mode. The result? Significant cost savings and higher profits. Fuel management with advanced analytics that includes fuel consumption analysis and measures, improve fuel efficiency and profitability. Fuel consumption statistics help detect theft, track and improve efficiency further. It’s possible to benchmark driving skills and subsequently train, encourage and reward drivers for optimized driving and thus achieve increased profitability.

Manage Uptime
Mining transport demands high productivity and uptime. With a large part of production cost fixed in mining, unplanned stops are costly. EICHER LIVE offers Uptime Management - a service that helps detect, schedule and plan for vehicle repairs pro-actively enabling higher productivity. With in-built systems like Advance Breakdown Assistance, Dynamic Service Reminders and Pro-active Service that enable early fault identification, all processes are aligned for early resolution enabling the vehicle to be back on road in no time. Uptime management is therefore about both minimizing and planning for unforeseen breakdowns. It is now possible to prevent expensive consequential failures. With EICHER LIVE, your truck spends more time generating revenue.

Smarter Driver Training
When your driver uses the identification USB while driving, all information in EICHER LIVE gets tagged with the driver. So, no matter which truck he dries, EICHER LIVE gives you a driver wise performance monitoring. By measuring driver specific performance, it is possible to benchmark fuel consumption and other critical parameters. When you request for driver training, we will be able to refer to the driver’s past data. This helps us set – up a customized training and follow up plan targeting each driver end to end. Further, now that is possible to set benchmark driving skills, you can encourage and reward drivers objectively for optimized driving.

Manage Trips
EICHER LIVE helps you view and analyze the movement of your fleet. You can view trucks movement of your fleet. You can view trucks waiting and idling at the loading and unloading points in real time. You can optimize routes by analyzing the path traced by the vehicle during start and end date and time matching your shifts timings.

This business critical intelligence allows you to maximize productivity and hence profitability for your business. By integrating the Internet of Things with all of its automated activities, mining companies can create realtime multi-dimensional models from a variety of data sources including the sensors on the equipment as well as geological and other data. Therefore this system can then be used to optimize the mine’s layout, operation, vehicle paths, and so forth, coordinating all the moving pieces for the most efficient operation. EICHER LIVE as a feature is a form of IoT that will recolonize the way Indian trucking industry.



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