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Dock Levelers correct height differences between loading docks or platforms and truck or trailer beds

Dock Levelers correct height differences between loading docks or platforms and truck or trailer beds

A dock leveler may seem like a long-lived piece of equipment, however, there are multiple reasons why you may need to replace a dock leveler as they are used over time. Like bridges, they get driven over a lot, and eventually wear out. Because of gradeability problems, dock levelers are meant for forklift / pallet truck use.
Dock levelers are steel platforms that connect the dock to the vehicle platform to allow forklifts to access the dock and load goods. All Gandhi Automations dock levelers are designed to be compatible with the existing loading bay configuration.
The vehicle docks in contact with the bumpers, raises the ramp, opens the lip, rests on the platform and loads. The telescopic ramps have an extensible lip and cover the platform as needed, and are essential for recessed loading bays.
Dock Levelers are efficiently used for handling heavy loads. They are resistant to corrosion and provide excellent service to our clients. They are available in customized specifications. They are bridges for simple, swift and economical flow of work. They are used in various industrial applications. We manufacture and export these levelers according to the specifications of the clients.
Radius Lip
Are you searching for an efficient way to level the difference in height and distance between your warehouse floor and a docked vehicle?
The easiest way to bridge the difference between vehicle and warehouse floor is with a Loading Systems Radius lip dock leveler. We offer a safe, energy efficient, easy-to-use and very durable solution! Our dock leveler with swing lip has a modular design and is easy to operate. This solution is particularly well suited for most warehousing sites where standard size vehicles operate.
Durable, long life-span and low maintenance
The self-cleaning open lip hinge construction, the durable and modular design, the self-supporting characteristics, the closed hydraulic system and the low working pressure result in a long lifespan with a minimum maintenance requirement.
Optimum safety
The swing lip dock leveler standard has multiple safety features. The dock leveler is CE marked and in accordance with all safety aspects of the European standard EN 1398.
The dock leveler is operated with the use of just one button. The dock levelers can be supplied in many dimensions, load capacities and working ranges. A full range of options and operating methods are available to offer a solution for every customer bespoke situation.
Do you require a dock leveler with a larger range or a lip that can be positioned in an accurate manner? Then our telescopic lip dock leveler is what you are looking for!
The most efficient way to bridge the difference between vehicle and warehouse floor is with a Loading systems telescopic lip dock leveler. Our solution is energy efficient, user-friendly, safe and very durable
This dock leveler has a modular concept and thanks to its intuitive control it can be positioned in an accurate manner. This solution for your loading bay is best suited where bigger reach and range are required.
Edge of Dock
If it is not possible to install a traditional dock leveler in your building then an alternative is a Loading Systems manually operated mini dock leveler.
Our manual edge of dock levelers is mainly used in situations which do not facilitate a traditional type of dock leveler and can easily be integrated into new or existing buildings.
The manually operated dock levelers and loading plates are energy efficient since they do not require a power supply. This dock leveler is equipped with a swing lip. The robust construction and open hinge structure require almost no maintenance. The edge of dock leveler cannot be removed making it an ultimately safe alternative.
Forklift Roll-off Barrier lip Dock Leveler
Forklift lift barrier lip roll-off dock leveler is designed and built to provide all the benefits of the series hydraulic dock leveler with the additional benefit of providing a formidable barrier. Dock Leveler with Forklift Roll-off Barrier Lip protects closed overhead doors from impact damage and prevents accidental forklift roll-off when the overhead door is open and no trailer is stationed at the dock in the parked position.
When the dock is in use, the lip remains flush with the deck, providing a smooth transition for material loading and loading. Two-cylinder hydraulic technology for better stability, one for the lifting of the platform and one for the lifting of the hinged lip.
CE European certification. Robotically welded platform and lip in anti-slip steel. Self-cleaning lip hinging system.
Our dock levelers are the most efficient solution and can be manufactured to your specific requirements. Gandhi Automations has been manufacturing dock equipment for more than 22 years, this experience allowed us to design trustworthy, modular and durable dock levelers. We supply high-quality service for each dock leveler to help you reduce your operational costs and guarantee your employees a safe working environment.
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