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CPWD to use new dust-free construction technology

CPWD to use new dust-free construction technology

Dust pollution has been a major cause of concern for the construction industry. To reduce pollution caused by construction activities, state owned organization for execution of public work, CPWD is planning switch to a new dust-free construction technology for all its major projects worth Rs 100 crore and above, according to reports.

As per reports, CPWD will adopt modern Monolithic construction technology and abandoned traditional methods of construction which are marked by several disadvantages. Benefits of Monolithic construction technology include cost saving due to reduced construction time, much lesser air and noise pollution and construction waste, and durable construction.

Urban Development Minister M Venkaiah Naidu has approved the technology shift in the context of rising concerns over dust pollution and recommendation of the Standing Committee on Urban Development, said a statement by Urban Development Ministry, under which CPWD comes.



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