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BKT to build new carbon black production plant

BKT to build new carbon black production plant

Balkrishna Industries Limited (BKT),a leading global Off-Highway tire manufacturer, will build a new plant for the production of carbon black. This facility will stretch over approximately 8 hectares within the BKT production site at Bhuj, in the Indian state of Gujarat.
A 23-million-dollar investment has been earmarked for BKT’s backward integration project within their supply chain. As a matter of fact, the new plant will continuously provide raw material for the increasing tire production.
The carbon black plant is another step forward in the company’s middle-and-long-term strategy, which started with setting up the Bhuj site. Inaugurated in 2015, extending over an area of 120 hectares, and having had a cost of 500 million US dollars, Bhuj boasts state-of-the-art production facilities and machinery. It is located in a strategic position in proximity to the commercial port of Mundra, which has already been an important logistic hub for BKT’s exports.
The Bhuj site was established for the purpose of meeting the more and more increasing demand for tires on a global scale. The new carbon black plant, with an estimated capacity of 60,000 tons a year, will further support BKT’s ability to invariably satisfy this demand.
This plant will enable the company to even better ensure raw material qualities thanks to the now even more accurate controls at the beginning of the entire manufacturing process.
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