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Battery Technologies to boost India’s sustainable mobility ambitions

Battery Technologies to boost India’s sustainable mobility ambitions

Anand Shewalkar, Head Sales, Business Unit Perfect Charging, Fronius India

India’s 2030 EV (electric vehicle) plans state that 70% of all commercial cars, 30% of private cars, 40% of buses, and 80% of two-wheeler and three-wheeler sales in 2030 would be of EVs. This ambitious plan is only achievable by the availability and affordability of capital for OEMs, battery manufacturers, and charge point operators. 

But there are many challenges. Today, lithium-ion (Li-ion) batteries dominate the market because of their superior performance and reliability. However, they are a bit expensive and the technology cost is a challenge. The industry demands batteries of high performance at elevated temperatures, high capacity with more range and life cycle. In the 2020 fiscal year, India imported batteries worth $1.2 billion which shows that it needs to boost domestic manufacturing of Li-ion batteries. 

Weather conditions also play a crucial role as most of the batteries today are suitable for up to 40 degree celsius. But in India, the temperature can rise as high as 48 to 50 degree celsius.  So, EV batteries are coming up with cooling systems, which make them more expensive. 

The lack of sufficient charging points across the country also stands as a hurdle, affecting consumer decisions to buy EVs. So, it is necessary to build a charging infrastructure that wins consumer trust in EVs. 

How can India overcome challenges? 

Government policies to push domestic manufacturing of Li-ion batteries will help reduce the cost of EVs. And the price drop of Li-ion batteries for up to 85% in the last decade is a positive sign and this will aid to the projected fourfold growth to 1.3TWh by 2030.

According to NITI Aayog, India would require a minimum of 3500 GWh of battery storage at a wholesale price of $300 billion to meet its EV targets by domestic manufacturing. The India Energy Storage Alliance (IESA) has estimated a 300 GWh demand till 2025 taking into consideration the EV and energy storage system opportunities.

Recycling of batteries would also be important to bring down imports and achieve sustainable battery manufacturing. According to various reports, the recycling could meet 9% of global demand for lithium in batteries and other applications. 

The efficient use of batteries is also a defining factor. Thus investing in innovative charging technologies is a must. This will increase the longevity of batteries, helping both manufacturers and consumers. 

Fronius has been offering battery changing systems, charging modules and special solutions for the automotive industry worldwide. Numerous car manufacturers are using OEM versions of Fronius battery chargers in their workshops or in their range of accessories, for example, VW, AUDI, Skoda, Seat, Bugatti, Bentley, Lamborghini, BMW, BMW Motorrad, KTM and Ducati. In addition to their visual differences, the OEM versions differ technically from the Fronius Acctiva battery charging systems in terms of their software and hardware. 

To power logistics systems, forklift manufacturers like Linde, Toyota, Jungheinrich, crown and Yale put their trust in Fronius Selectiva battery charging solutions for their lithium-ion batteries. The particularly efficient and gentle Fronius Ri-charging process of Selectiva adapts individually to the condition of the battery and thus ensures a cool charge and extended battery life.

From numerous variants of the lead battery to AGM and EFB technology and on to lithium-ion batteries, Fronius has explored countless possibilities for supplying vehicles with energy. By working closely with our customers and drawing on more than 75 years' of R&D experience, Fronius provides complete solutions tailored to individual needs.




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