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Automatic Rolling Shutters from Gandhi Automations

Automatic Rolling Shutters from Gandhi Automations

Over the years, the team at Gandhi Automations has installed roller shutters in some unique properties. Recently, our team was called upon to manufacture and install a bespoke roller shutter for a military base. Creating a roller shutter for a Military base was a unique challenge, but we’re extremely proud of the way it turned out.
Here at Gandhi Automations, we can deliver a bespoke design and installation service to all our clients. We are committed to providing shutters which are highly-resilient and simple to operate daily. They are also designed to provide a high level of clearance without requiring any additional space. This enables the professionals at the Military base to take full advantage of their available space.
Why are Roller Shutters Perfect for Large Industrial Spaces?
Roller shutters are ideal for larger industrial spaces, including airplane hangars and warehouses. Many larger designs can be difficult to operate every day. They can also take a great deal of time to open and shut, which can be problematic in harsh weather conditions. Another potential risk for large openings is that, due to their surface area, they will sustain a great deal of damage due to high wind speeds.
Fortunately, the rollers that we can provide are able to withstand very high wind speeds. They are all designed from industry-leading materials to ensure that they will deliver an unbeatable service for many years to come. In addition to the natural versatility and durability of large roller shutters for industrial spaces, they can be equipped with a range of unique features to improve their suitability for their environment.
Unique Add-Ons for Large Industrial Roller Shutters
An important part of any roller shutter installation is the addition of other features which can improve the practicality of the shutters. By choosing to equip large roller with some of these features, you’ll be able to make it much more practical and easier to operate daily. Some of the additions that you can make include:
  • Industrial Top and Bottom Tracks – One of the most common problems with shutters, particularly rollers, is that they rely on their tracks. These pieces of metal can suffer damage over many years. In some cases, they can even become buckled or warped. This can prevent the shutters from opening at all.
  • Here at Gandhi Automations, the tracks for all our doors are made from hard-wearing materials. They can provide a life-time of service without requiring any kind of maintenance. The weight of the roller will be evenly spread out along the tracks and, when they are fit flush with the floor, they are protected against damage from vehicles and foot traffic.
  • Brush Strips – Brush strips can be used to eliminate all kinds of debris beneath the roller doors. This can help to remove even minor debris which can lead to blockages or damage to the tracks. They can also help to prevent the metals from scraping together. This can also help to reduce the noise caused by the operating of the large roller shutters.
  • Safety and Security Features – There is a range of security and safety features which can be installed as part of shutters system. For example, hard-wearing locks and key-operation boxes to prevent unauthorized access. Safety options can include manual overriding switches and sensors to prevent the door from closing on a person or vehicle.
Choose Gandhi Automations for Large Roller Shutters for Industrial Buildings
Here at Gandhi Automations, our experienced team can deliver a range of large shutters for use in all kinds of commercial and industrial buildings. Our designs are used in a wide range of properties, including military establishments, to provide long-term security and practical daily use. We can deliver rollers which are a practical choice for any kind of opening.
Our professional team will help you to create a bespoke shutter design which will provide long-term service in all kinds of properties. As part of our complete range of shutters, we can provide:
  • High-Speed Rolling Shutters.
  • Insulated and Fire-Safety Roller Shutters.
  • Manual and Power-Operated Roller Shutters.
The large roller shutters that we can provide are ideal for commercial and industrial properties, including:
  • Military Buildings.
  • Airplane Hangars.
  • Factories.
  • Warehouses.
  • Commercial Buildings.
If you’re looking for more information on the practical benefits of our large roller shutters, get in touch with our team today. 
Contact: +91 22 6672 0200 / 6672 0300 (200 lines); Email: sales@geapl.co.in

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