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At Excon 2019, we will launch next generation portable air compressors - S Kumar, Business Line Manager, Portable Air Division, Atlas Copco India

At Excon 2019, we will launch next generation portable air compressors - S Kumar, Business Line Manager, Portable Air Division, Atlas Copco India

In your views share with us your assessment on the opportunities the year offered for Construction Equipment segment. 
The construction and infrastructure segment today requires more innovation in all areas of core infrastructure such as roads, metro rail, expressway, airports and expansion on existing highways. At Atlas Copco, we have products to match this requirement. We offer a range of portable air compressors for quarrying applications. Further portable air compressors are required in the irrigation segment to provide water for drinking needs where our advanced waterwell compressors are successfully deployed in large irrigation projects. With time bound projects and the need for 24 by 7 action to ensure on time completion, technology which ensures reliable light on site, brings in the required support for meeting the infrastructure project deadlines. Undoubtedly, the road segment, is where power equipment such as portable air compressors and light towers are most in demand when we focus on infrastructure specifically. With an upgraded portfolio and technologically advanced equipment, Atlas Copco portable air compressors and light towers will continue to touch lives and improve infrastructure needs of people in India.

Which has been the major demand puller for the sector in the year 2019?
Portable air compressors play a pivotal role in mining, infrastructure and construction applications. The mining application specifically, is a segment of paramount importance, looking at the amount of stone which is required for infrastructure and construction projects. Similarly, the extraction of minerals such as iron ore, manganese, coal, limestone, etc with reliable portable air compressors with the lowest possible energy consumption is an important application under metal mining. We cannot ignore that customers are also scaling up in terms of quality and service expectations, and we will continue to provide them with the time-tested Atlas Copco technology. Atlas Copco is a big investor in R&D in India. As leaders in innovation, we focus on localization and developing new technology. We have a good mix of compressors in our diesel range starting from 140 cfm to 1350 cfm, pressure range of 7 bar to 35 bar covering all pneumatic applications. We also have a good electric range starting from 45 kw upto 75 kw (300 cfm upto 500 cfm ; 7 bar to 12 bar). The range combines lightweight compressors with small dimensions, making it easy to manoeuver on site. Our HiLight light tower range offers the safest and most efficient light towers for road construction, airports, hydro power projects, mining and construction applications. TheHiLight V4+ and V5+, with cutting-edge lighting technology, makes sites brighter, safer and more productive. With the current stable government, we foresee all pending projects to get faster clearances which will increase the demand of air compressors.

Tell us about your recent tech-upgrades and new product launches?
“We are listening” to the customer and are continuously innovating to match our compressor offerings to customer needs. We are launching the Next Generation Compressor with PACE technology is the first of its kind in this CFM/PSI combination with breakthrough technology in the shallow water well drilling and mining segment. We undertake a lot of field trials and invest more than a year of R&D before launching any new products. A customer always sees the value he will get from the product he is buying. So, other than launching new products, technology advancements are always in our pipeline. Infact all our portable air compressors have an advanced well designed acoustic sound dampened canopy which makes easy operations in high ambient temperatures and dusty environments and are most fuel efficient with its energy efficient powerful screw element design. Our service quotient is also highly trusted with preventive maintenance and on-site breakdown resolution even in remote locations is an expectation which we fulfil anytime, anywhere. 
As we stand at the threshold of a new era, we will continue to educate the market through timely and relevant demos where the customer experiences our Solutions first hand rather than just our products and therefore accepts technological advancements and embraces the paradigm shift in the true sense. We manufacture our products with the most advanced technology in our state of the art facility in Chakan, Pune. Our focus is on digitalisation with Fleet Link and latest dealer management software to ensure maximum equipment uptime. We are commitment to sustainable, profitable growth will ensure efficient use of resources. New localised portable air compressors and the HiLight V5+ light tower contribute to India’s “Make in India” initiatives.

What are your expectations from Excon 2019 and the opportunities brought along with it? Are you planning any product launches? What will be your selling point/strategy of display in Excon 2019?
Atlas Copco has been participating in Excon since the 2011 edition. The market sentiment is upbeat…..with many projects in the pipeline, this year the show will be successful in attracting increased footfalls and generating enquiries. We look forward to create a unique visitor experience at our outdoor stall, OD 18 with the launch of new products and live demos. At Excon 2019, we will launch next generation portable air compressors and highlight the new technology used to enhance the productivity of the product. Also, we will demonstrate our handheld tools and digital service applications to showcase our focus on innovations. At Excon, we will focus on how we play a pivotal role in the irrigation segment to provide water for drinking needs as well as how we contribute to the mining segment in a big way, with our advanced compressors. Further, we will showcase our extended range of LED lighting tower technology with advanced features. With an upgraded portfolio and technologically advanced equipment, we will highlight our new products which will continue to touch lives and improve infrastructure needs of people in India.

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