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Ambernath: Mumbai’s New Hot Spots for Next Generation

Ambernath: Mumbai’s New Hot Spots for Next Generation

Ambernath is one of the most popular cities of Mumbai, Maharashtra. Ambernath is categorised as two, west is known for famous companies and industries and east known for pure residential market. In terms of both industrialization and residential sector, the place is growing ahead of its neighbouring location because of the accessibility, education, hospitality and retail. It promises and offers all the basic amenities that are expected by a major population in the society.
Residential property prices in the metro cities are nearing the peaks and affording a space here is out of the question for a middle class society. If you dream about owning a home with picturesque view, then it’s high time to move out from the fast moving crowded world. With the growing property market, for buyers it’s time to change their thoughts on investing in properties in the maze of mountains and hills, which would give an ultimate relief from the frenetic pace of the city
The demand for residential market is more at Ambernath because of its affordability. The job opportunities have been increased drastically and there is a huge demand for affordable homes from the working population. For them, Ambernath is easily accessible via road and rail. If you see the present real estate market, the demand for the segment is increasing as the government offers policies like Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana (PMAY) and Credit Linked Subsidy Scheme (CLSS). Above all, with RERA in place, the transparency and trust among the developer and buyer stays positive as it is legally protected. Out of all the major cities, Mumbai is leading the trend by contributing 31% growth to the affordable segment.  With the Prime Minister’s “Housing for all by 2022” scheme, it aims to provide two crore homes over the next five years, it is definitely going to robust the affordable housing segment.
Buying properties anywhere in Ambernath can be considered as an asset for the future as the property price of Mumbai is going too high and it’s a burden for middle class society to own a home of their own. Ambernath is a beautiful and peaceful city to live in and visit. This place has witnessed tremendous growth in the last five years, in terms infrastructure development and other benefits. Apart from that Ambernath is known for the worship. It has the presence of centuries old Ambreshwar Shiva Temple, St.Gregorios Orthodox Church, Methodist Church, Raza Jama Masjid and Madina Masjid. It promises huge opportunities in terms of price appreciation and offers better prospects for a home buyer.Hence investing in Ambernath will ensure high returns in the long run.
By Rohit Poddar, Managing Director, Poddar Housing and Development Ltd
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